You can apply either electronically through LIMU website or by coming to registry department in LIMU, then your documents will be sent to the college to set an interview. The procedure usually starts mid-August, the exact date to be announced through the media.

European Credit Transfer System or ECTS is a credit system designed to make it easier for students to move between different countries. Since they are based on the learning achievements and workload of a course, a student can transfer their ECTS credits from one university to another so they are added up to contribute to an individual’s degree program or training.

ECTS helps to make learning more student-centred. It is a central tool in the Bologna Process, which aims to make national systems more compatible.

ECTS also helps with the planning, delivery and evaluation of study programmes, and makes them more transparent.

(PBL) Problem based learning aims to have the student realize that they lack information in certain topics that are required to solve the problem. This serves as a starting point to an active learning process that is motivated by learning those unknown topics and being able to implement it later on.


PBL allows the student to study a topic presented during a problem from within the different disciplines and integrate them. This collection of integrated knowledge and experience grants the student the ability to deal with a similar problem in the future, either during an evaluation or during their professional career.


The educational values of PBL are:

  • Integration between the various medical sciences.
  • Self-directed learning.
  • Team work.


In the problem based learning system, the student gains a number of important skills:

  • Problem solving skills.
  • Clinical reasoning.
  • Self-directed learning.
  • Self-evaluation.
  • Communication skills.
  • Teamwork abilities.

Medical ethics and running medical meetings and discussions.

Sharing information with others and respecting team members.


The students search for the information, analyze it and eliminate the irrelevant data thereby increasing their cognitive aptitude in addition to their repertoire of knowledge and skills.

One of the advantages of the PBL system is the increased emphasis on the role of the students since they are the ones who determine the learning objectives for the case whereas the teacher serves more as a guide. This allows the students to take on the responsibilities of their own education and cater it to their own requirements.

  • T.A at any basic medical science department/faculty.
  • Research assistant.
  • Medical Lab technician.
  • Teacher at high schools and institutions.