The Department of Professional Health Education is one of the Faculty of Basic medical science departments at Libyan International Medical University. The central mission of Professional Health Education department is to facilitate the study within the faculty, coursework, research programs, training programs, and seminars by giving foundation courses in medical terminology, Biostatistics and epidemiology.  Moreover, the department provide clinical skills lab classes to students to gain basic clinical skills.

The department also work on preparing graduates with the profession attitude principles that includes communication skills that is based on scientific bases, so that they become effective members in their field of work, and in the community. Furthermore, and the department work to maintain practicing and respecting the profession ethics in their work and research field.

In order to meet the department aims this department is comprised of several disciplines including:

Medical Terminology, Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Clinical Skills, Communication Skills and Bioethics.


Medical Terminology:

The English Language is the faculty’s principal educational language except for some courses with specific nature.  The Department of Professional Health Education provides English classes including Grammar, Speaking, Writing, Pronunciation, Reading and Medical Terminology.



The course provides both the foundations necessary for Biostatistics and serves as a stand-alone introductory statistics course. It concentrates on the interpretation and comprehension of graphical and statistical techniques that are important components of scientific literature. Mathematical ability at the level of high school algebra is required. Data analysis using SPSS is also an important component of the class.



Epidemiology improves health globally through education and the department of Professional Health Education provide the knowledge including the epidemiology basic concepts and the fields of the epidemiology and public health.


Clinical Skills:

The Department of Professional Health Education works in collaboration with the clinical skills lab at the university to provide the first chance of contact between students and advanced dummies and start the construction of proper doctor-patient relationship. The course runs through the whole academic year and the skills taught will be associated with the theme of the Study Block at the time.


Communication Skills:

Interpersonal Communication is a skill based course. It is intended to help students understand the importance of communication in all aspects of their academic and personal life.  Therefore, enable students to communicate effectively with their peers, faculty members, family members, friends and the society at large. It is a given that ineffective communication leads to all sorts of failed relationships at school, at work and even at home with parents, siblings and children.

The course will give students an added advantage by being able to develop and nurture flourishing relationships that not only help them to succeed in their endeavors, but will also make their lives richer and more productive.



This course exposes the students to selected ethical issues in the medical profession. It covers prominent ethical topics and new medical ethics issues that appeared with recent development in medicine. The course includes careful examination of the philosophical theories of ethics, which have guided medical ethics since its inception.

We encompass a wide range of fields of inquiry spanning the basic biological sciences under three major departments:

  • Anatomy and Histology Department
  • Physiology and Biophysics Department
  • Biochemistry and Genetics.


Our division founded in 2007

Our department integrated with biomedical sciences division (clinical sciences) in the first three years to achieve the faculty goal, integration depending on Problem Base Learning (PBL).

Our Vision:

Submitting of highly quality, modern education in biological sciences and that is through teaching methodologies combined between teaching and scientific research.


Welcome to the department of Biomedical Sciences of the Faculty of Basic medical science at Libyan International Medical University. Our Division is currently comprised of Three departments which focus on underpinning medicine and its related fields including pathology, pharmacology, parasitology and microbiology and immunology
The central mission of Biomedical Sciences department is to enable these departments to integrate faculty, coursework, research programs, training programs, and seminars in order to encourage collaboration across multiple clinical departments to further scientific and medical progress.