The Faculty of Basic Medical Science is one of LIMU’s many faculties. Studying at the faculty is considered a stage of higher education. The basic medical science courses are being taught at the faculty for faculty’s students as well as for students of faculty of medicine and faculty of Dentistry in the university.

Speech of the Dean of Basic Medical Science College
(That you cannot get wishes by Wishful but by Diligence)
Dear students
I am pleased to welcome you in the College of Basic Medical Sciences – Libyan International Medical University.
The Faculty of Basic Medical Science in the University Represents an important and distinct leap in the field of medical education as being the first college of its kind in Libya awarding bachelor’s degree in many important disciplines that contribute to meet the needs of medical colleges and health institutions and supports the community with the skills needed by the Labor Market of varied medical specialties, as this college graduate combines the acquisition of accurate knowledge and laboratory skills through an educational system applied for the first time in Higher Education in Libya.
Self-Learning and work as a team, considering the student as the center of the educational process and discovering points of strength and weakness and treating them, is one of the most important characteristic of the education system in the
college. Its application imposes challenges to the student in the optimal use of capabilities of thinking and analysis, criticism, expression and application. This system also requires gaining important tools such as language, ability to self-research, teamwork and considers the ethics of the profession to access enjoyment in learning achievement.
The College has been keen on hosting a distinctive elite of teaching staff members and assistant technical professionals and administrators to provide a learning environment and a family atmosphere which ensures the implementation and enforcement of the vision adopted and objectives that seeks to achieve.
All this provides a preference for college graduates and enhances their chances of getting the right job as a nucleus of creating teaching staff members in medical colleges, as they are predisposed to complete their higher studies, as well as the medical Laboratories technicians and researchers assistants at research laboratories, as well as qualified teachers in secondary schools. It is also possible to pursue clinical studies at the faculties of medicine or the college of dentistry and get a dual qualification.
In conclusion, I can only highly appreciate the efforts of the founders of the College, teaching staff members, laboratories technicians and administrators. I urge them to do more to reach sublime and most comprehensive goal in order to contribute to the advancement and progress of our beloved Libya.
Best wishes for all
Dr.Abdullah Muhammad al-Mansoori

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences – Dean

Dr. Abdulla Mohamed Elmansoury
Dr. Abdulla Mohamed ElmansouryFaculty of Basic Medical Sciences - Dean
  • Dean of the Faculty
  • Faculty Vice Dean.
  • Heads of Academic Departments.
  • Faculty Registrar.
  • Quality Assurance Coordinator.
  • Curriculum Coordinator.
  • Administrative Officer.
Faculty council bms

Applying study programs designed to prepare students who have:

  1.  Self-learning and a variety of educational skills to help them acquire knowledge and look forward to lifelong innovation and creativity.
  2.  Ability to analyze, critique and deal with scientific dilemmas / problems.
  3.  The sense of the importance of research and the acquisition of the monetary and research methodology of knowledge.
  4.  Ability to work in an integrated team spirit.
  5.  The ability to use both Arabic and English through the student’s possession of the language tools and mastering their applications.
  6.  Hobbies appropriate to the student’s potential and tendencies whether literary, cultural, and artistic or sports, which contributes to the formation and refinement of his/her personality and his/her being in the community.
    Work on preparing graduates who have the principles of professional behaviors which include:
  •  Commitment to service.
  •  Ability to work hard, actively and has a sense of responsibility.
  • Communication skills based on scientific foundations to become active members in their field and in the society.
  • Optimal use of resources allocated to education programs and scientific research.
  • Preserving the practice and respect of the literature and ethics of the profession in the fields of service and research

The faculty will be at the forefront faculties committed to achieving international quality standards in education and in providing scientific research and society’s needs.

Commitment to prepare graduates who have the appropriate knowledge, skills and professional behaviors to enable them to:

  1. Practicing the profession in the fields of education and health care.
  2. Confronting and solving various educational and research problems based on the techniques of “Problem-based learning (PBL)” acquired through the faculty system.
  3. Apply the principle of lifelong learning.
  4. Meet the needs of the community in many fields of education and research.
  • Frequently updated by faculty when required.
  • Biological science department (Anatomy lab technician) (Physiology lab technician).
  • Tutors (Running discussion of PBL system and weekly report, supervising students and attend seminars)
  • Exam committee assistant

The BMS faculty was established in 2007, and the first lecture was conducted by Dr.Abdalla Elmansoury in Physiology. The BMS faculty was the first faculty to start teaching in self learning system or PBL (Problem Based Learning) in 2009. Starting from 2009, the BMS faculty has been the inception in the pre-clinic phase for medical and dental students. The first meeting of curricula development committee took place in 2010 to develop the methods and requirement of PBL system in BMS and the LIMU.


The BMS faculty was awarded the accreditation in 2012 according to the National Center for Quality Assurance and Accreditation for Educational Institutions.

In 2013, 4th year BMS students were nominated for a training program in Anatomy Department in Ain Shams University – Cairo, Egypt.

The BMS faculty graduated its first batch in academic year 2013/2014.