Deputy Of the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences (BMS) Dr. Noha Al-Naas last Thursday held a teleconference with the students of the Faculty on line Meeting With Students With their different years of study and at all stages and in the presence of Dean of the Faculty Dr. Abdullah Al Mansouri and a number of faculty members and educational supervisors.

The meeting discussed and clarified the study plan remotely, listening to students and giving them the opportunity to present their proposals and questions.

The faculty’s agent also informed the students of the faculty administration’s decision on the “end of the educational unit break”, which begins on Saturday and ends next Thursday for all school years, with the aim of arranging and organizing the study plan for students and enabling them to organize and manage time before starting to study a new educational unit.

The students expressed their welcome and approval to the decision to rest among the educational units, and their great appreciation for the efforts made by the members of the team at the faculty, to achieve the goals of distance learning.