On Saturday morning, two groups of first-year students at BMS Faculty presented a seminar within the requirements of the second week of the General Basic Medical Module (GBMS BLOCK 2) in the form of two presentations on the theme: CELL INJURY.

The first group of students consisted of:

(*) Abeer Ismail Al-Houti                                              (*)Aya mokhtar Aoun

(*) Tayeb Mohamed Abdel Malek                                (*) Monaallah Walid Fathi.

The second group of students consisted of:

(*) Rtag Mohammed Al-Oraibi                                      (*) Alla Ali Al-Jahani

(*) Khawla Ali Faraj                                                         (*) Ahmed Saad Al-Warfalli.

During the first part of the Seminar, the students discussed the learning session with the team (T.L.S.) in which students meet in groups, to discuss what was studied during the week, and write down their questions, queries, and observations, and then present them to the faculty members, who provide students with explanations.

The necessary clarifications, comment on and add to the notes, and provide the summary of the Educational unit (in the presence of tutors). Students then conduct a group quiz test in which they answer questions prepared by faculty members in advance, to further emphasize understanding.

The video team then presented their ” presentation“, which is a summary of what was studied during the week, whether in Brainstorming Sessions and the outcome of “Debriefing“, or in laboratories and lectures, and then the Faculty members discuss them and evaluate the scientific content of the presentation, In addition to evaluating the Presentation Skills according to the model prepared, and to assure students of the depth of the educational objectives of the week.


During these years, students of the first three years of human medicine and first-year students studying oral and dental surgery are fully educated during these years at the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences.